Oil coming out of exhaust and whistling turbo

I have a peugeot 406hdi turbo diesel i have just taken it for its mot today and it failed on little small things but has oil coming from the exhaust but passed it smoke test could you tell me how the oil could of getting into the exhaust and the turbo is whistling. can anyone help me please

It sounds like your turbo has packed in firstly the oil seal in your turbo has failed thats why ur seeing oil from exhaust & the whistling from turbo is the vanes in turbo breaking up so i would advise not to use car until new turbo is fitted & inter cooler pipes and inter cooler itself are checked & cleaned for swarf from turbo you can check turbo by disconnecting turbo pipe &inspecting turbo vanes (fins) to see if broken up or any damage to chamber.

Peugeot 307 1.6HDI 110hp
The turbo is getting lubricated with engine oil through small hose connected to top section of the engine.. The rhythm of the engine has changed started shaking lil bit. The engine oil is normal on level.
Is this normal and is the oil can damage the turbo. Shall I be worried about..

My turbo is whistling but runs great no loss of power and no smoke any idears pleas