Where is the amp located

It a stock radio 2007 Sierra 1500 work truck.

if your main switch panel still works the passenger window and if door locks still work probaly bad window motor

if there is cover under the engine remouve and look for bolt not securing anythingremouve slowly

have it tested using a manual gage if still low then main baring ore most likely bad that would mean a over hall if is really low and bearings bad should be making rattle noise when started up first few seconds

The blower motor is on the passengers side under the dash.You might have to remove the a lower panel.This is the insulator panel.If the blower works at all just turn it on and follow the noise.Hope this helps.Good luck.

I have been told by a mechanic that the fuel filter is inside the fuel tank. Have to either drop the tank or remove the pickup bed. Access is on the top of the tank. This is poor engineering.

Under the seat most time back pass if u got a back if not try front pass side good luck