Oil light comes on


light comes on at higher rpms but when it drops down it gos off.anybody know what to look for.

Ditto the above
Generic oil pressure light solutions

Get a lift to yer local parts barn & borrow a oil pressure tester & adapters you need to fit your car and buy a new sending unit for your car. Remove the sending unit, set up your tester and check the values compared to what you're supposed to get. If the pressure is good your sender is bad. Replace it with the part you bought and check it to see if this fixed the problem. Or better yet, install an aftermarket guage to tell you precise pressure readings instead of what us old schoolers call 'the idiot light."

If the pressure is low then you have some wrenching to do because you're going to have to replace the oil pump ditto the pump filter screen. Remember sometimes there can be more than one problem and it will drive you crazy if you assume the first fix is the only one you need.

If the pressure is good and your sending unit didn't fix it you probably have an intermittent short or break somewhere in the wiring- like when it gets hot and shorts or a small leak may give voltage a path, thus the light comes on. Check all the connectors, etc. & look for something not quite right. Do a voltage drain test on that circuit and check the fuses- if one is glazed it won't make good contact even if the fuse looks & tests good.

On old 60s and 70s clunkers the oil light would flicker at low rpm and go away when revved because it would spin fast enough to get the pressure up. But your trouble is the opposite and I'm not familiar with Audi, so follow your manual for your vehicle.

If it is your oil pump and you continue to drive it you will need to replace your engine soon. Sorry about that, them's the facts. That's why I suggest you hitch a ride with a buddy.

Hi, this is an oil pump issue. i recommend replacing this device and the oil screen as well.

The oil pump is a device that distributes the oil throughout the engine. at high rpm's the demand on this device increases dramatically and, if it is malfunctioning in any way, this high demand can not be met and the needed lubrication will be shorted, therefore, tripping the oil light. Most damaged oil pumps can produce enough pressure during low idles but, when the rpm's are increased, the malfunctioning pump will fail to meet expectations. this will cause low pressure and inadequate oil flow. this can also damage the block in time if not corrected.

I would do a quick oil level check to make sure of proper oil level. if the oil level is proper, you will need to replace the oil pump asap. if the oil level is low(1-2qts low), just add to full mark and, run a test drive. if the light illuminates once more, this will confirm oil pump failure and it will need to be replaced.

Remember to replace the oil screen as well.

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I have a 97 Audi A4 and the check engine light comes on only at low speed or low RMP, could this alos be a oil pump issue. Thanks

Look for low oil pressure, or maybe even make sure that you are not running on bad oil (black). if it has been longer then 3,000mi or 3 months since your oil change, u need to get it done.

1st never take chances with oil pressure or the engine will be ruined, have the oil pressure tested with a mechanical test meter at the dealer, if that is ok then replace the oil pressure sending, if it is not ok replace the oil pump.