Won't start. security system won't shut off

Won't start. security light is blinking. key fob does not and has not worked in months so I can not get the security system to shut off by using it....any other way?

There is no relay or reset. The security light is on because the system has failed. 1 or more of the parts involved is not functioning properly and creating a break in the antitheft communication. The best way ive found to beat this is to just bypass the whole system. Go to this link and read about it. There is a lot of info,pictures, and solutions on this link.


Not necessarily de-programed the keyfobs; if the car battery is uncharged, it possible that the security module sensed as an "disconected battery" condition and activated the antitheft system. Check in your owners manual disarm procedure.

The key fobs do get stuck in the on position, especially if you leave them in your pockets all day long. The buttons get stuck in the down/pressed position causing the battery to wear down and eventually the remote itself needs to be re-programed.

Also, could check the battery in the keyfob, its possible that they need replace it and re-programming. Check this ways:
1.- If the key had gone faulty, the key code must be re programmed on the vehicle computer. This can be done only using a PIWIS tool, available at the dealer or at a qualified Porche garage.
Try also the following reset:
* turn ignition on,
* turn off.
* remove the transponder from the column
* push any button on the fob within 6 seconds.

This procedure will reset the key synchronizing again with the vehicle computer.

2.- If you put the battery upside down you risk to short the key remote and break it. When the key fob is falshing slower it means that is not synchrronised with the car.

Try also the procedure below:
* Unlock your car using the key
* Open car door ( if alarm goes off, put key in the ignition to stop the alarm).
* Press unlock button on remote and the remote will resynchronize with the car.

If it does not work, then you have either two faulty remotes, if you are not, you have a faulty control module or a problem with ECU.

Hope helps. Keep us updated.

Try locking all doors and unlock passenger front door with key..this should disarm system..let me know if you need more help

If the passkey is messed up, there will be a light on the dash that says security, or have a picture of a car with a lock thru it. If there is no light when the key is turned forward, then its NOT a passkey problem.