Gauges all went dead on instrument cluster!!!

I Have A 95 neon where the Gauges won't work, but everything else still will. I took it to the dealer, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Checked the error codes from the computer, and found nothing. Tried to solder the board, with the help of a pro. electrician, but still nothing. Checked connecter to computer, but still nothing. I am desperate!!!! Please Suggest Anything that may work!!!!

I have repaired a mid 90's Neon with the same problem. No dash lights or gauges. When I pulled the dashboard out the ground terminal was fine and there was plenty of di-electric grease on the terminals. I disassembled the dash by removing the torx screws from the back to get to the circuit board. When I had it apart I found that the solder joints where both of the dash plugs go had cracked completly around the pins. Unless you have extremely good eyes you must use a magnifying glass to see the cracks. I resoldered all the pins on both connecters. When I plugged it back in, everything worked. This could be why Motor1258 had problems 3 times because when he took the dash apart and bent the pins it would push the pin at another angle allowing the solder to ake a connection again, I don't know for sure, just an educated guess. I hope this works for you.

Had same problem on my 95' about 3 times in 7 or 8 years. Pulled trim panel off around gauges/speedo cluster. 4 screws if I remember correctly, and pulled the instrument cluster out far enough to disconnect plug at back off cluster. Now, the plug that is there,in the dash, that connects to back of cluster, I wiggled or whatever I had to do, ( maybe push it out through the back, then feed it back through hole to front) to get it to come out through the front. Now, see all those little male spades inside the cluster where that connector attaches, I took a pair of small needle nose pliers and bent the very ends of them all,slightly, enough to make better contact with plug in dash, but not so much that they wont go back in to females in dash plug. Then I re-attached plug to back of cluster, after a little di-electric grease applied in plug, pushed cluster back in to position, & just lined up plug in hole where it came out, without putting it in from backside again, so as to allow spades to go deeper in plug, to also aid in getting better contact. The cluster will go back where it was pretty well, but not enough difference to cause any problems, tightened it back in with screws, snapped my trim back on, and fired it up, and all was working again. What I found was that the temperature would kind of dictate when the gauges acted up, so I figured plastic, expansion, contraction might be the cause. For a while, a good wack on top of the dash above the cluster, and everything would come back on, for a while. Anyway, might seem a little tedious but it really only took me about an hour the first time, and a half hour thereafter. Good Luck, hope it cures yours too. Let me know how it goes.