Grey smoke coming from exhaust and oil in the exhaust pipe

I forgot to tighting my oil cap and it jumped off my endevaor should i be in trouble with car problems

What does the exhaust smell like? Please be carefull it should only take a second or two to tell what it smells like. (either gas, sweet/antifreeze, or oil) if it is oil it is probably rings, if it is antifreeze then it could be a head-gasket, or gas (which I don't think it is) it could be a valve.

Grey or blueish smoke indicates that you are burning oil, usually a sign of worn piston rings.

Keep an eye on the oil level in the vehicle


Cam belt on Holden AStra, broke after two days!! On Friday i had my cam belt and timing belts done. On sat, they were starting to squeel, on sunday they were super noisy, so i rang the mechanics and said i need to bring it back as its making noises. I was on my way to them monday when i heard a snap and the engine shut down and i had to be towed into the garage. Upon looking , the cam belt had slipped and shredded off! They ummmed and arrrrrrhed and then said it must bet the tensioner or something that caused it, but its not their fault as you dont do anything with the tensioner in order to change the belts in this type of car. Under further investigation, they determined that it was the bolt somewhere near buy that had broken off, and caused the belt to slip. So then tell me pistons or valves or whatever have gone through and i need the whole engine redone, and its up to me to pay! i said like Hell it is, this all happened cause you guys didnt do something right . A new cam belt dosent blow off in two days of installation.. SOOOOOOO my question is, they are saying that the bolt in question was not touched whilst doing the belts, so its not from them and i have to pay. . im a female so i think they are just having me on. Does anyone know for sure, if you need to touch or fiddle with the bolt /tensioner when installing the belts. The mechanic also said, my car was 'different' as most you do , but my model you dont. HELLLLPP, i dont think i should be paying for this, Its a holden astra wagon, 2007.