How do I bypass personalized security system for a

How do I bypass personalized security system for a 2001 buik century custom

flashing engine light means engine misfire. let car idle and mist the plug wires down with water, rev the engine up and down and look for little sparks jumping from the wires. and arcing wires can cause problems. before changing any bad wires check the coil packs where the wires plug in the three small boxes on the top back of motor. they are three packs with two wires each. one pack at a time take the two wires off to reveal the coil towers. have an assistant start the motor and make sure the spark goes from tower to tower. repeat on remaining two packs. if the spark goes straight down the tower the coil needs replaced. if there is no spark, the coil needs replaced.

Is It causing the car to not start?? if it is there is a module that will help u bypass it.. I had to install one in my buick . had it for 5 years and havnet had an issue. Hope it helps