1993 Dodge shadow convertible, drivers side power window wont stay up, what does it take to fix it

Had to replace the power window motor in our Dodge Shadow convertible (2 door) the power window motors in this car are totally different than the motors that come in the 4 door Shadows and are not interchangeable. Any ways the motor will push the window up, but when it gets near the top, the window shudders, and doesnt actually close all the way, leaves about 1/4" gap. Then when you are driving the window drops about another 3/4" to 1" and stays there, Any one know how to fix this?

The regulator is burnt out and you need a new one. I would just replace it.


There are two screws at the bottom of door panel. The panel...pull from bottom first out toward you. work your way up the edges. When door panel is lose lift up and the top will come lose. The window regulator and motor are as one. Check fuse block under hood on driver side.

need to change the pick up coil in the distributor it has i belive its a plug in with 2 wires black and white.i had the some problem the car would run for a few miles then would just turn off when hot then would start up the part ran me about 20 bucks

there is a cable of wires that lay in the track under the slider they break from normal use.. the harness it fairly easy to change.. when you open the door lok in the opening you will see the harness there in black plastic