How do I repair a plastic bumper?

I have a crack in the rear bumper about two inches long. I have tried epoxy but it didn't seem to stick too well.

please email me at [email protected] with any other info or questions if you have already gone to a body shop

Call junkyards, look on ebay or craigslist, and find out. You are obviously going to need a used part. Having located a used part, find a mechanic to find out how much the labor will be.

yes grind back fibreglass the fill ,smooth down repair and prime and paint

I had the same problem - the inside rear view mirror fell off during a hot summer day. I bought the mirror glue (adhesive) and wondered how to I separate the metal button from the mirror. Enventally, I tried the following and successully separated the metal button from the mirror: There is a little squre slot on the plastic sheath of the metal button. Please find a small flat-ned screw driver whose tip can fit into the sqare hole. put the screw driver into the hole and put it all the way inside down - which will open a little bended metal piece that stops the buttom; at the mean time, slide the metal button towards outside. As the bended metal piece opened uder the pressure of the screw driver, the metal button is freely moveable and can be slide out.
I did this successfully for my Toyota Avalon 1998 car.

Hope it helps.

These bumpers are hard to repair, most places replace the bumpers because of the problems trying to repair them. you can try a body shop that specializes in fiberglass corvettes they might have the best method.