I have a short that is draining my battery just started no probelm beforeare do i start w

You need a electrical multitester meter able to measure in dc current mode, 10amp range should be more than enough. Nothing flashy, cheap and cheerful will do. Make sure the car alarm is off. Disconnect one terminal from your battery and connect your meter 'in series' between the battery terminal and the detached terminal lead. Almost all the circuits in the car should be dead when doors are closed. Ease each fuse out one at a time and look at the response of the meter. At some point you will locate a fuse that on its removal causes no current to flow - most likely the culprit but heck that this is not just the clock. To be sure of your findings checkout the meter response to opening a door and having the interior lights come on. Remove the fuse that powers the interior lights and again check your meter. A process of elimination will highlight where the problem lies. Some years back by girlfriend spent a day shifting a whole pile of stuff in her trunk. Next day car was as dead as a door nail. Traced the fault, using the above method down to a bent metal tab in the trunk. The tab's job was to make contact with the trunk light interrupt switch. When the trunk lid was closed the light should go off but it was on the whole time but we could not see it. I bent the tab back and the car was fixed for good. Crazy!