The car died and won't start.

The car ran good although the check engine light was always lit. we had the car checked a couple of times at the ford dealership but all they did was clear the fault and said it was probably the gas cap. The light would come back on a short time later although we replaced the gas cap with a locking type the mechanic said would work. The other day it started fine and when I drove only about 20 feet it ran rough, died and won't start. I had the original gas cap on at the time because I had trouble with the lock. I don't have an owners manual to know wich fuse or relay to check before I jump into more expensive repairs. I took the fuel line off at the manifold and nothing came out when I turned it over. I have 3/4 tank of fresh gas.

Alternator..the more I look into this, I am convinced this is a common problem with this car. I went through five alternators and finally took the car in to someone who has seen this before. apparently this model and year needs a particular alternator... my invoice reads
Installed GL-481-RM Alternator (Motorcraft)
Haven't had the same problem since.

Check the fuel pump relay first for a diagram of this you can get one from the dealership or autozone and if you can spray some starter fluid in the throttle body and the car starts and runs till it runs out it is more then likely your fuel pump