How to reset security system

Instrument cluster goes up and down, signals do not work but hazzards do, starts at times sometimes it does not

try removing radio, ive had 3 impalas that drove me crazy! daignosing, they would drain the battery if car sat a weak,ending up being the radio shorting inside, dont know if thats your problem but i would start there, dont remove fuse have to remove the radio! hope this helps.

Have key in hand. Lock door from outside vehicle and attempt to open with key again. May have bad lock assy. Otherwise try disconnection of the battery. Let sit for 10 minutes. Reconnect battery to reset computer and attempt to unlock vehicle and start vehicle. May have to be reset with some typer of diagnostic scanner.

Hello Ron Sadora, Your cluster is totally digital.. Mike

I had all my analog instrument panel gauges stop working after they did the state emissions test. I found the proper fuse in the fuse block located under the hood. Simply unplugged the fuse, noticed it was still good, and plugged the same fuse (10A) back in and all the gauges started working again. Guess it needed a reset atfer they plugged in for the emissions.

Just take every cord connected to the positive side of the battery off for 10 seconds to allow the alarm to reset, then flip the little switch under the dash so the alarm won't activate again.

has the fluid and trans filter been changed? this is due every 60,000 miles or sooner if used for towing, many times worn out friction modifiers in the fluid can cause this harsh shift problem.