Water leaking into footwell drivers side of suzuki liana, seems to be coming from the right side of the windscreen,is there and if there is a blocked drainage hole would that filter into the foot well, also their is two plastic caps located in the foot well are those there for drainage if removed,

Your air conditioning drain duct is plugged

Yes, the plastic caps at the bottom of the footwell, are for drainage. (Don't forget to replace them. You may not be pleased with yourself, if you don't, on a real rainy day!)

Does the water have a real nasty smell, and the inner windshield has a film on the inside? If so, then you have a heater core leak, and it's antifreeze.

If not, your air conditioning drain duct is plugged, and needs to be cleaned out. I also suggest a real weak solution of bleach and water, to be applied in this area, to kill any mildew that might form. (Unless you are allergic to bleach. If so, you may want to try an alternative. Mildew is bad for your respiratory system)