What is the firing order of 2006 3l bmw engine

Need to know where cylinder #6 is I am getting a misfire on cylinder #6 on the code


Number 6 cylinder is the cylinder closest to the firewall. For a misfire I recommend checking the coil and spark plug. The coils are known to fail.

all the codes you have are all related to the fuel trim, this problem needs to be looked at with a european capable scanner for futher tests sorry.

More then likely you need to change the spark plugs because they are fouling out. Thats the cheapest fix that I would do first! Then check coils.

the best way to diagnose a misfire is to move the ignition coils of those cylinders(4 and 5) to different cylinders to see if the misfire will move. you can also move the injectors around and even the spark plugs.(make sure to keep a good record of where you are moving them). if you can't get the misfires to change cylinders. your next step would be to do a compression check on all cylinders. air leaks in the intake system can cause misfires but usually it isn't on the same cylinders all the time

For the 1996 Z3 Roadster 1.9L DOHC In-Line 4-Cylinder:
Firing Order:
1 - 3 - 4 - 2

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