Loud creaking sound when driving from front end 1997 Grand Voyager... not sure if it is shocks, or something worse. No popping sound that I can notice - just creaking. Not sure if safe to drive for another day or so until I can have it checked out?

Hi it could be the shocks, but normally they don't creak, they would normally work as normal but bang if you hit a bump, this sounds more like rubber bushings have worn or are very dry, have a look under the front of your car, and see if you can see any rubber items that have either perished or have worn, you can try getting some wd40 or some spray lube and just hitting all the rubber items with this then trying it and see how you go, i cant be 100% for obvious reasons ( i cant hear it for the main one ) but that's what it sounds like, try that first ...hope this sorta helps