How do i know if i have a blowed head gasket - 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

There is a couple ways to tell if you have a blow head gasket. Obvious way of course if car is running bad and overheating, if you open hood and as car is running, if you see around head any smoke or even possibly safely, with out burning yourself, put your hand around it and if you feel direct air coming out, then it is blown. Safest way and for sure way, is to take it to a shop and they will do a compression test and that will for sure see if it is leaking or blown. Thanks Mike

The easiest and best way is to do a compression check on all cylinders, they should all read very close to the same numbers ,, also,, for big leaks, check the oil dip stick, if its a white goo instead of the normal oil look, you may have a bad head gasket,, it could also be a intake manifold gasket , so thats why you need to do the compression check to be sure