I bought a keyless remote and followed the directions with the remote but cannot get the programming mode on the vehicle to open thus cannot program the remote!

If you bought this remote from the dealer this should work. First make sure the batteries are good in the remote.Then get the ignition key with the remote attatched to the same key ring and put the key in the ignition switch and turn the switch on(but not the engine, jus ignition on) then turn it off ,then on ,then off. You do this about 8 to 10 times until you notice the door locks lock then unlock simulatenoulsy that indicates the procedure is complete and your remote should now be programmed.Then just grab the remote and try to unlock the doors and lock them,or pop the trunk open if applicable.

Be sure the batteries in the remote are good.

Most security systems will only allow a certain number of remotes to be programmed into the "brain" mounted under the dash. It could be that in trying to program your remote, the "brain" has accepted it's limit. Try to clear or reset the brain then start over.

Did you install this unit yourself? If so, there should be an 800 number on the manual for tech support.

If you had it installed by a professional, will they walk you through any problems?