How do u replace a deployed steering airbag on seat ibiza 2012

The first code is for "driver seat track position sensor low". The module detects that the sensor input is less than or equal to 0.3 mA. The second code is referring to the first code. I have no idea what the third code is. Basically you have two different communication systems mixed. The 2001 uses the PCI bus system and the 2007 uses the CAN bus which is much faster. The first code is a CAN bus code and the second is a PCI code. As far as the airbag deploying in the event of a collision, I don't believe it will with an active code in the system. I hope this helps.

Unfortunately, Yes, You will need new Seat Belts also. Once the Seat Belts and the AirBags are Deployed in a Crash, There is no Reset for the Belts. Please Rate My Response! Thanks!

1. ck the fuse box for any bad fuses,
2. if the light was on when you bought it used..chances are the airbags are no longer there.

You have to disconnect the battery, replace the air bag modules (air bag modules are the things that explode in your face) and the crash sensors and the control unit or module that came with it. Reconnect the battery and the car should start. Hope this is helpful.

airbag light can only be sorted by the dealer,with a certificate for the vehicle mechanical for teh power steering then providing the pump is working ok then you will need to change the complete rack and pinion ,jack vehicle up then top up the fluid and turn the steering lock to lock to bleed system ,if that doesnt work then change the reck and pinion as the impact has most likely damaged the spool valve.