My front wheels and steering wheel shake when braking and accelerating...could you tell me what the problem is ?

you have warped frt disc rotors replace them and the brake pads!

Probably one or more bad motor or transmission mounts. You can brake torque the engine in reverse and drive, if the engine rocks violently in either step those mounts need replaced.

Maybe the tires, have them checked out. Sometimes if a rotor gets warped it will do the same thing. Hope this helps Tim

check the idler arm on the steering drag link

Hi! Although my collegue has pointed out the possibility of Discs being warped or out of true? Have you thought of the wheel balancing? also have you tried changing the rear wheels to the front? you may have a well imbalanced wheel or a Tyre with a side wall defective i.e. an Egg? (Buldge). Another problem on big tyres is they don't seat correctly, check the beading is settled in fully.
Hope this helps!
Paul 'W'