Engine idle's purfectly.Cuts out When throttle is opened.

Idle's great! But when throttle is opened more than just small increments, it's starts to cut out. I can gradually get rpm's raised to 2500-3000 and on....(while working under the hood) it's just the sudden acceleration that causes problem. Just replaced fuel filter, plugs, wires. The mystery is No codes are present! It seems to be directly related to throttle position. I have a 5 volt ref. signal w/key on, no run. If I jumper wires between TPS and connector, and back probe w/ volt meter, crank engine....I get only nominal voltage readings...like .05, .06, .15 at most. I assume because I need a scanner to take readings during run, but may also indicate prob. dont know. Ive been working on cars for years, but this is one of those probs where no codes, no clues,no new idea's....Any help...greatly appreciated!!!

Could be the computer if it's not getting the right voltage to the tps, the computer will not tell you if it's bad.I have also ran into problems where a part was going bad just not all the way and not throwing a code you might look at the idle air control valve (iac) if it does'nt open right it can cause the same problem check and see if it has carbon build up on the plunger if it does clean it it could cure your issues . Hope this helps you out and good luck let me know if i can help any further !