Brakes after repairs on our 2000 regal motorhome as above 2000 ford F350 front brakes pads at 90% new rotors, new calipers, rear brakes checked with 70% still left parking brake goes right to the floor, mecanic said they are selfadjusting and he can't do anymore to it. When parking brake is on while in nutural it runs down the grade. I was also told the regal motorhome mounted on the truck is too heavy and that ford in general has braking problems We have had a regal before and did not have any of those problems. I really could use some assistance and thank you for your help.

There could less tension in the parking brake cable which can the cause the brake malfunction ,Please use this link

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If the belt has more than an inch of play (which can be checked bypushing on it with your thumb in a suspended section) it should bereplaced.

Far more likely however, is that the brake system needs to be serviced.From the sounds of it, at the very least, the brake fluid need to beflushed and replaced (which will bleed all the air out of the lines:most common culprit of what you describe) I would also recommendchecking and replacing the brake pads.

There is one other area that u have check. Its a long shot, but sometimesthe brake, clutch (if equipped), and gas pedal mounting assembly flexeswhere it connects to firewall and dash. Look up in there and see youhave cracking in the supports where the brake pedal is mounted.

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There may be air in the hydraulic system; fluid leak in master cylinder (past primary cup); hose or line leak in system; or the rear brakes misadjusted.
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