Minimum front rotor thickness 2006 f150 stx 2wd

Look at the inside of the rotor, in a 2004 it should still be visible. Note that very few shops will machine rotors for less than buying new ones. I find that if you are worried about the thickness just pick up new rotors. If you carry a lot of weight in your pickup you need all the rotor you can get.

1.12 inches
have at least 1.14 inches for machining if you have less than 1.14 inches left machine shop will not do it, just go get a new one

hi,depends your chassis number,if 210.055 your front disc thickness is 28mm,wear limit was 25.4mm,if 210.004,010,020,035,037 your disc is 25 mm. wear limit is 22.4mm,ty

Time to buy yourself a good shop manual. You say it is both a 2006 and a 2008.


Looking at the Engine on a ford is different from a gm. The correct cylinder numbers are 1234 from front to back on the passenger side and 5678 front to back on the driver's side