My rear hatch and glass hatch will not open from the outside. The only way to open the lift is via the manual latch. All the other doors woork fine via the remote or inside.

Finaly i took apart everything, including motor its self. 05 Mitshu. Endeavor
rear hatch. Noticed rust on it, and in it. On very little motor. My only solution for this hiatus is to install old fashion latch, like old pick up trucks have, and or door knob. this started from almost day one, after i bought it in 06. I am not giving up for dealer would take both arms and legs for this on. No sir Bob

This is extremely common!
The micro-switch inside the glass hatch release is faulty, telling the door that it is partially depressed, thus shutting down opening for safety reasons.
You can verify this by opening the glass hatch (there is a access panel at the bottom of the door on the inside), removing the trim cover from behind the glass handle (two philips screws and one plastic push in fastener), then unplugging the glass handle.
Your door will now function normally, but without glass opening ability until you replace the handle.
The handle only takes a few 10mm nuts to remove and can be changed in a few minutes. It retails for around $35 from your dealer.