Diagram on a pontiac grand prix

Can you help me find a diagram for a 2000 pontiac grand prix so i can see how to remove my ignition key cylinder

I want to 1990 pontiac grand prix 3.1L turbo intercool vacuum diagram

Ignition Switch GM Century/Lumina/Grand Prix/Intrigue 1997-2000 The vehicles covered by this guide use one of two types of ignition switches:

I have 07 Pontiac Grand Prix, the wrong key was inserted into the ignition the other day. Now when I try to use the correct key it will not insert completly in the ignition, goes in until last 1/4in of key. Im stuck, I bought the new lock cylinder but how do I get the old one out? I cant get the key to insert all the way so I cant get it to the "On" position, it will not turn at all. The key that was inserted in error is whole and nothing is missing it seems like there is something stuck. Any help would be appreciated...

Need a diagram pontiac grand prix 04 for air conditioning motor
where is it at how do i get to it

I have an '08 grand prix....how do you set the year, date and etc.?