What relay or fuse is hot for my tail lights on 98 f-150 dash caught on fire and behind the main switch the two brown wires burnt all the coating off trying to bypass and run new wire

1st thing I would ck is the fuses and then power to the bulb
do me a favor open the trunk on the trunk hindge you will
see a yellow box this is called a lamp failure sensor it gos to your
tail s. What's happen is the wire got pulled away from the hindge
amd shorts out that little box 89373-33010 please check this our and repair the wire harness and hang it so it won't get pinched
please reply thank you and good luck

air conditioner 2500 silverado in dash not working

Next step, replace the Power Distribution Module. It probably has a short in it also. Why in the hell anyone would think it was a good idea to put the fuse box with two circuit boards in it(not properly sealed) is beyond me. I wonder if they would take their lap top into the shower to see if it would still work. Please make a complaint about this poorly designed product at this site. www.nhtsa.gov Chrysler should take responsibility for this problem. I think they keep their company afloat with all the modules they sell.

daytime running light module is defective..it is located around battery tray,near fuse block..needs to be replaced

Those are the right wires, so the switch must be broken. Do you need instructions for replacing it?