For thesecond time i have oil in the antifreeze and lowon dipstick, I dont believe its headgasket cause no water in oil. last time guy did test said no head gasket problem and flushed system ran fine and stayed 1/4 gauge for temp in arizona heat, all of a sudden Im at half and check reservior and comes out like chocolate milk. some are suggesting oil cooler. is the oil cooler in the radiator and is the only fix a new radiator

Pressure test coolant system, leak down test the cylinders, compression test, and a block test will tell you where the problem is. mechanics are techs, we are trained to see, or hear a problem. descriptions on the internet are a guess. go see a trusted mechanic, and he should be able to help, or fix the problem

Actually this happened to my 1999 Sl1. Sorry to say bot the head gasket didn't work for me so I took it to the shop. Cracked Head was the problem.

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I have a1992 saturn. It has a problem of oil and coolant mixing we Flush radiator out and it's still happening. whats the problem please.

Oil is mixing with antifreeze and I fear driving the car

Everyone automatically assumes that oil and water mixing means a blown head gasket or cracked engine block. Of course common sense is usually not that common. Oil in coolant is a different problem than coolant in oil. The former is a low pressure leak, and could indicate only an intake manifold gasket. It could also be an early or small head gasket leak. Coolant in oil is usually a cracked block or torn head gasket, and has concomitant symptoms of white exhaust smoke and milky oil on dipstick. If you replace the head gasket and the problem persists, an intake gasket could have fixed the problem.

If you have an automatic transmission then you have transmission oil cooler built into the radiator, any engine oil cooler is mounted infront of the radiator, and there is no possible way for the oil to mix with the antifreeze cause the engine oil cooler is air cooled not antifreeze cooled . follow me , it is possible that you have transmission oil from cooling tanks on the radiator going into the antifreeze yup in order to fix this you need to replace rad its a rare thing for this to happen give it an oil change and check the transmission fluid for antifreeze tranny oil is red in color if its not a nice red then there is something wrong there take a look at things mix a little tranny oil with a little antifreeze by hand just to see what it looks like and mix a little engine oil used with antifreeze just to see what it looks like ok .
sorry i cant help more than this get back to me .also start the engine and let it run to operating temp takeit to the store when you get back pop the hood and look at the upper rad hose and squeeze it if its hard its good theres pressure but if its not hard theres a leak somewhere in the cooling system and its not good possible head gasket

When water antifreeze and oil mixes the solution turns?

I. would bet. it is trany fluid not oil becouse the presure in. the cooling system is higher then in the. block.good luck

The only place oil and coolant come close enough to being mixed is between the block and the head but the pressure of the coolant is higher than that of the oil so there is no way for the oil to mix with the coolant, Your transmission oil cooling line do run in and out of your radiator, so if your coolant looks like choclate milk you most likley have a crack in the tranny oil cooling reservoir.

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Extremely common issue on the 1.9L SOHC Saturn engines. Unfortunately the head is cracked. There was (may still be) a recall for some of these that may pay for this repair.

The head and all associated gaskets require replacement, as does all parts of the cooling system that have any rubber. So the hoses, water pump, thermostat.

Source: Saturn tech for 10 years, did hundreds of these.