Why aren't hazard lights or brake lights working?

Changed multiswitch change brake light switch still no hazard lights or brake lights fuses are all good where is the relay

The ground is actually connected to the brass part of the bulb. The part of the socket that touches the brass part. If you use a test light that is properly grounded and it lights when you touch it to the bump inside the bottom of the socket that the bottom (lead) part of the bulb touches, and when someone presses on the brake the test light goes on, then the socket ground is bad. I've seen tons of them completely rot off. Many times no one notices when one lamp is out 'till the other one goes out. So it may not be a wiring problem. 99% of all failures I've ever seen were at the wiring end connections, not in the long run inside the vehicle where they are well protected. Make sure there is voltage going into the switch and out of the switch when the brake is depressed. Otherwise anything you do in the back won't work.

yes there is. Above the brake pedal there is a switch tat turns the lights on when you press the pedal. It is tough to replace due to the lack o room to put your hands. but is an inexpensive part.