Shematic for buell blast

The rear turn signals work but the fronts are not working the fronts are brand new and i tested the wiring and there is no power coming up to the front turn signals

use one from a sportster

We have no diagrams for any make of motorcycle, sorry.

the 2 positive (red) wires go to the positive terminal on the batter (+), the 2 negative (-) wires go to the negative terminal of the battery

a common harley sportster problem, the aluminum housing and or plastic sleeve wears out, it all gets sloppy. the only solution is to buy buy new controls(nice chrome aftermarket) or to bush it by a machine shop or yourself. replacing plastic sleeves is a temp solution.

There's a chance that the problem lies with the starter. This is the main motor that drives the engine up to a start. Starting Problems can be attributed to:
1. Poor contact with the starter armateur and carbon brush
2. Fuse (usually 20 amps) connected to the positive terminal going to the starter motor. Check if this ain't broke.

3. Starter switch not making proper contact. Spray a little WD-40 on the starter switch, it may be rusted.

....... let me know if any of these fail. I'd be glad to provide more ideas.

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I don't have a manual yet so if anyone can offer any advice or point me toward an online wiring diagram or somethingI did it by ruling out my stator - knowing the rest - meaning plug wires and coil are good, check the connection of the regulator to the stator for elecrical flow at those two pins on the regulator side - there should be zero on both - current should only come from the stator, not to it - other wise you have bleeding - thus the regulator is bad - under your body above the rear tire on the left side you'll see a metal waffled box with wires heading out of it - thats the regulator,,,