I posted a question regarding a hose coming out of the top of the rear cylinder head of my motorcycle. Not paying attention to what I had left out. It is a 97 Suzuki intruder vs800. I believe it's called the "rear cylinder head hose". That doesn't tell me where it's supposed to attach to. It's leaking gas and oil mixture when started. It has not been laid down and ran just fine last year. Has set during the winter. Is this something I need to take it to the shop or something easy I can fix myself?

your carburetor is probably gummed up inside and the diphrams are not pumping fuel and possible that the jts arn't letting fuel through. take the carb apart and clean the inside with carburetor cleaner and put it back together and if it gets cleaned good it should run. if the diaphrams feel stiff or if its been a while id get a carburetor kit and install it.

Hi,,check your float level,,as you have changed the floats the level will need adjusting,,

The carb/s are flooding , you will have to check the float pin and the float, a good clean with compressed air should do the job, check too the fuel line and the fuel filter.
Hope this helps!

The recommended weight is Suzuki SAE 10W fork oil. The amount for the forks is 386ml or 13.5 ounces per side.

thr rear wheel is removed as normal except u will have to tilt the bike over on the opposite side to the driveshaft. dont forget the brake rod has to be removed as well.

Possibly a breather hose that eventually connects to the air cleaner body or the inlet manifold
Possibly should have an PCV valve in it