2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad starter stays engaged

On my 2001 nomad fi, the starter stays engaged after releasing the start button.turning off the key and throwing the kill switch just kills the engine **** the starter is still going. Basically, i cant I have replaced the starter solenoid and this did not help. @

The switch is the most likely source of the problem. Check it with a volt ohmmeter. Put the key in off and check the terminals. Next turn the key to the 1st position and check the terminals then on any further positions. The next time the bike self starts is when you want to re-check the switch terminals.

You know, this has all the signs of an internal short in the switch. Just tell the dealer to give you a new switch. Switch failure after 5 hours of riding is simply unacceptable.

not likely however it could be the starter.... before it died completely did you hear any noise when you started it?

I assume the engine is not seized and the battery is charged and good. Unplug the two small wires going to the starter solenoid and push the starter button . With a voltage meter on the wires from the harness you should have continuity.Reconnect the wires. Push the starter button, if you hear a click from the solenoid, the button is good. Now , jump the two cable posts on the starter solenoid. If the starter works you have a bad solenoid. If you push the starter button and tap on the starter with a plastic hammer and the starter works, you need new starter brushes. If anything else in the starter is keeping it from working you need a new starter , the starter parts are probably not available from the manufacturer.

Assuming you checked fuses and followed wiring for any signs of a short or connector undone. You're getting power to starter, but solenoid sounds dead if you have to bypass it.
If the engine spins but won't fire, I SUSPECT ingition problems. Encountered rain...is seal around ignition unit gone bad? That would splain the plug not firing.
Do you smell gas (oops...petrol) when you crank the motor? fuel getting to cylinder?
Check for water in fuel system.

It will have a side stand switch, which will kill the engine if the stand is left down, it opperates in conjunction with the switch under the clutch lever, and the neutral light
These side stand switches are small micro switches and often fail , wear out, or just come loose
The switch under the clutch seems to be ok , as it is doing what it is supposed to do, when it thinks the side stand is down