I have a Mitsubishi 55"

I have a green swoop of lines coming down from the left top corner drooping down in the middle of the screen about 8" - 10" and goes across the top of the screen to the right top corner. Do you know why?

This set has a convergence problem. You should only need to replace the IC. Part is STK393-110. It sits on the middle board behind the large heatsink. Use a heat transfer compound to ensure repair lasts. If you have no experience soldering (or unsoldering) please use a professional for the work. The traces are fragile and I have fixed many mistakes local DIYers have committed. Goodluck.

It appears as though your convergance chips need to be replaced. If you can handle a soldering iron and are good an soldering, then you can handle this repair.

Go to this web site, and look up the kit for your tv. Your model numer is most likely going to start with WS. It can be found on the back of your TV, in the same area where all the connection ports are.


Hope this helps.