Hard Time Turning On

In a Canon Powershot S3 IS cam, you have to turn the switch to the right so it will turn on. When I am trying to turn on my CANON POWERSHOT S3 IS, it takes a long time(trying to turn it on all over again) and I think the turn-on switch is stuck. I think its stuck because whenever i try to turn on my cam, the switch won't fully open. But when I want to view my pics, the switch works perfectly fine! I don't know what happened! Pls solve my problem ASAP!!

-jon tantan


For viewing you must turn to the right, it means your switch for record on is defective.
Your Canon repaircenter can fix this for you, if not contact Rotronica in the Netherlands for repair.

Does it turn on to view the photos by turning to the left? if so, hitting the shutter button once should move it to the photo taking mode.