Oil fired boiler

I have a Danesmoor oil fired boiler to heat my home and water, connected to a Honeywell ST6400C Programmer. When the programmer is switched to constant water then the boiler fires up and provides warm water. When I tell the programmer to turn the heating on nothing happens, no light or sound from the boiler. Help, I'm cold!!

Hi yes sound like it not working on hot water only it would check ou the wiring on this side

Check how all three "on/off" sequences are programmed firsrt, then all other programmable options. Make sure sliders are in the sliders are in the correct possition. If it becomes more complicated than launching a space shuttle, reset it. Unless your house is a mansion keep it simple with just day and night modes. the money you save wont even cover the cost to fix the hole you punch in the wall trying to do fancy programming ;-D