Resistor on power supply board

TV made a very loud snapping noise and promptly died. Took it apart and found one little resistor on the power supply board was blown to bits. Hopefully I can just get someone to tell me which resistor, capacitor, or whatever it is I need and solder a new one on, but since this one is blown to bits, I don't know which one I need. What I do know is that this is a Sony "G" power supply board and the number on the board where the resistor is blown is (C613). Am I possibly wasting my time only to watch the resistor blow again, or is this just a simple defect in the cold solder that I can fix myself?

Dear Biigjohn, First, first C613 means that it is a capacitor, not a resistor.And It seems to be a electrolytic Capacitor.If it has burst, then it's can will be inside. just search. the details of the Capacitor will be on it. most likely it will be a 10mfd 160V capacitor. Check and replace.