Zeepad 7.0 I have a Zeepad 7.0 and when powered on it get stuck on android screen. When I plug the tablet into my computer it will not show up under my computer but will show up in device manager under other devices and says android with an exclaimation point. Went to zeepad website and downloaded the usb drivers and installed them and my computer still will not reconioze the tablet. downloaded livesuite and installed still no luck to get my computer to reconized the tablet. In device manager under universal serial bus controllers I have a yellow exclaimnation mark by USB device (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8)This device cannot start (code 10). When I plug in the tablet to the computer in device manager it adds ADB Interface Android Adapter ADB Interface and it says that the device is working....But yet I still can not see the tablet under my computer and cant get LiveSuite to work. it has I have an HP p6823pw windows 7 64 bit os. I am very new to the android stuff but not a dummy.....I want to throw it out the window and into the pool!!!!!!!!Can anyone help me please

Although I haven't worked with this particular brand, there may STILL be HOPE. Most Android devices come with the ability for recovery. Normally, you have to hold one of the volume buttons down while powering on the device(try them one at a time). If you get a screen that says something about download, try the other volume button.
Once the device has booted to the "special recovery" menu, you'll think you've went back in time, as you'll be presented with a quite archaic looking interface which is controlled, usually by one of the volume buttons to scroll through the options and the POWER button acts as an enter key. Be on the lookout for an option that says something about "restore factory settings" and go from there.
The boys over at XDA Developers are amazing at coding for these little devices, as they all use them every day and make them better, sometimes faster to use. If your device isn't under warrantee, I HIGHLY recommend "rooting" the device (unlocking and replacing it's ROM (OS) with a more efficient cooler one) and installing Clockwork Mod Recovery. This replaces the screen mentioned above with a pretty decent menu. Also, all the rage in rooting these days is TWRP, which adds an option of booting from one of multipe ROMs for whatever mood you happen to be in that day.
Good lock and happy recovery to your little bundle of Android joy!


p.s. it may come rooted from the factory! see this XDA link... How do root a13 zeepad 7 0 tablet