No sound through usb cable

Hi. When I play my handycam through usb to my computer I cant get sound, the picture play back is fine and I have installed the Image Mixer correctly. Paul

Best Solution :
As you written that you are unable to play your video when attached to different pc ,that means your video files need codecs to be installed on you pc..
Firstly check whether you are able to hear sound when you play any mp3 files on windows media player , so that you can come to know whether its a sound issue or not.

Now install codecs on your computer and you will be able to hear sound when playing handycam video ..i will also recommend you to download a player which is capable of playing mostly all video formats:
You can download codecs from below link.after downloading install it..

for downloading plaer use below link :
click on free download button for downloading ..after downloading install it on your computer
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Have a look for software updates according to your operating system at link below.Uninstall and Reinstall updated your handycam.

Check whether did you turn on the sound while the video recording or not ...
check whether your audio driver in the pc is working properly ...
try uninstalling and reinstalling it ...
try connecting in another pc and try ...

check in the handycam the playback gives sound or not ...
if not then the mic in the handycam might have got damaged or as i told previously you didnt turn on that option from the menu ....

any further doubts reply me
i am always here to assist you
thank you
bye ...


Please CLICK HERE to view the manual.

I hope this helps..


Try this

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