When checking if have electrical current I check each circuit breaker one by one from top to bottom....it seems every other breaker has no power does anyone no why this is and what I can fix

most maytag "performa" dryers with no power h appen froma blown thermal fuse. It is located under the top and beside the heating element. you can take an ohm meter to both terminals.If you do not get a reading, the part is bad. It comes as a kit with a new safety tstat

First off, be sure the pigtail is wired correctly to the back of the unit. Black and red to the outside terminals, white to the middle, green to the frame or cabinet (should be a green screw close-by). If that is ok, you probably have an issue with possibly a bad pigtail, bad outlet, wiring issue, or possibly a bad circuit breaker or breaker box. Probably going to be more of a electrical problem than a appliance problem. Good Luck!!!!

I would check to see if you have 220v to back of dryer where the cord mounts to dryer Check the door switch, , Take back off dryer There is a fuse in the back its white oblong 2 wires coming from it, left side on blower outlet ..be carefull hook the 2 wires togather and if it comes on the fuse is bad needs replacing same way with the door switch.

Looks like you lost a hot leg. There are two hot legs (black wires) and a neutral (white wire). Put your voltage detector on both terminals of the main circuit breaker, there should be 220-240 volts. If this is not the case, shut the breaker off and back on and read the voltage again, if it's still the same, call your power company asking them to check their side of the power sevice entrance. If you are on fuses, one fuse may be open, burned out.

OK first thing for you to do to know if this could work for you is check were the power cord connects to your dryer... if you have and it reads 220 or better then you can proceed.start by taking the back panel off and locate your blower housing(it will be on left of dryer).There will be a white barcode looking strip with two wires coming out of it.Take the dissconnect dryer take a strip of tin foil and bridge the two togarher plug dryer up and it should run.If it does the you just need a new fuse or do what I did get one off an old Dryer no one else is using!
William B.

Check each breaker to the neutral/ground bus bar. if evey other breaker is out you have a bad main or feed from the meter.

Check spring tab behind door switch-if it's bent/out of adjustment, circuit will act like door is always open.

To confirm this, open door, set dryer to active setting, and hold in door switch; if it comes on, then it's either the spring tab, or the switch is malfunctioning