C43sx both lights on

Turning on the printer, the head moves a little bit to the left then red light on (not blinking). Pushing paper/ink button , head move to left again.... and again.... and again. Replace new Ink cartridge both black and color same problem. Counter reseting.... not work. Any idea?

thanks jez

If your PC is connecting to it normally (no connection errors), it sounds like you printer is having the service reset hardware problem. Try installing the EPSON reset software and check all counters and error codes.

Try this one which fixed mine:


Good luck...

My printer epson stylus c43 series have a problem... the red light was blinking....

Hi Guest of Apr 7 2009. It is not a good idea to add your problem to such an old (and probably forgotten) other person's problem. Join Fixya, start a new post with details of YOUR problem and you will get attention from the Fixya team of helpers.

Are madhacho hp driver kya hua

ok...start by removing the drivers from control panel, go to website and get new drivers, install them, try it again.