Amp clickin in and out

My rockford p3001 keeps clickin in and out it didnt do this before i changed head units i was usin a pioneer head unit my amp worked great hittin supper hard then i replaced my head unit with a tko 4" dvd and when i turn it so far up the amp will click and the output stops but it will click back on for a sec before clickin back off i nocited if i turn the bass down on the stereo i can turn it up louder it does on stereo mode and cd i'm pushin two 12" p3's which are wired parral and bridged if that makes a differnce

Had a similar problem, mine was a power problem.
Power meaning voltage.
Those big bass speakers draw lots of power. My original alternator couldn't keep up.

Question: Do your headlights dim in rhythm to the bass hits?

If so, your sound system wants more power than your vehicle is producing.

My first solution was a high output alternator. It worked great.

Then I added another amp. Not great anymore.

My second solution was to tie in a large capacitor to the amps power supply. (These a big (1 farad), about the size of a Pringles can)

Your amps power consumption is not uniform. Each time your amp punches the bass, it draws extra power. If that power isn't available, it starves and shuts down (if only for a second) then restarts.

The higher the gain, especially using a low pass filter, the more power needed for each thump. Thats why when you turn the bass down, you can get higher volume from the rest of the system.

How a capacitor can help (simply put):
In this application, the capacitor acts like an auxiliary battery, smoothing out power fluxuations. The capacitor builds up its charge literally between bass hits when power demand is low. Then releases it's charge when the demand is high. Think of it as an on-demand power boost.

Hope this helped