Lacie hard drive

My LaCie hard drive is not connecting to my computer. When I turn it on, the light in front is blinking orange and green.

my disk, when on, is not recognised by Windows while the light is flashing between yellow and orange fast (like a car's flash -faster-). please could anyone help me? - i need my data!

Thank you.

The problem is just external...Hdd is fine..Just buy new external couse there is no way to repair it

I have the same issue. took it to work tried to recover files, Its not working. I connected it to IDE and to a USB to IDE and still not working. The light on the HD case was flashing 1 blink and 6 blinks repetitively. I think the controller board went bad. What do you think? Is there a trouble code for the lights flashing?

I had exactly same problem and it was the Power Supply Unit (PSU). I posted a tickect on LaCie support web page. They provided a free PSU by mail. My HDD is back to life. Rgds Olivier