External Hard drive

Setup dowload. where can i get setup for my lacie external hard drive?

First cehck whether your computer is able to recoznize other USB storage devices or not. If you see that it is not recoznizing other USB storage devices. Then you need go to your Boot Up screen, the screen that opens when you restart your PC.

Then go to the USB section and enable USB drive.

If this also does not resolve your problem, then try installing USB drivers on your PC, You can install them from the website : http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/usb2-driver.html

I hope this resolves your problem.

Go here and choose your Lacie external hard drive model:
Support Downloads
Then click the Backup Assistant link to download the setup program.

First thing to check is whether the Mac recognises the LaCie hardware. Go to the Apple icon, and select 'About this Mac/Computer' then more info, which will launch System Profiler, check the FireWire section under Hardware to see if your drive is listed. Assuming it is, and that the Disk Utility program doesn't see the drive, then you'll need a Disk analysis program like 'Drive Genius' or a recovery program like 'Disk Warrior'
Should your drive not be seen under the FireWire section, you have an interface failure on the LaCie, which isn't terminal, you'll just need to put the drive in another HD case and then read the data. Reply to this and I'll try and give more help depending on the results you get in System Profiler.

Try connecting the Lacie to another computer, if it doesn't work then the hard disk may need to be formatted using Disk Manager. I suggest you format as a primary partition in FAT32.
If it doesn't work then it is possible that the hard drive in the Lacie has failed.
To test the hard drive, remove it and connect it to an USB hard drive adapter and connect it to a working computer's USB port. If it deosn't detect it as an external drive and you connot open folders and files then it is faulty.
You can install a new hard drive in the Lacie and then format in FAT32
There are companies that can recover data from faulty hard drives BUT it will cost you an arm and a leg for their services.

Do you have a CD disc software installer of your external hard drive (F.A. Porshe 160GB).? If you got it, you must reinstall it, so that your Imac can detect it. Otherwise, find it at the internet and download it.
The power failure could have damage some stored data about your External Hard Drive in your Imac. That's why, you have to reinstall it. Send us your e-mail comments for us.

I have the same issue, however with my verbatim 500g its ok. i believe it is because the lacie is a desktop external and therefore is compatable with windows xp and 7 alone.
Verbatim is a "portable" external hard drive which makes it compatible with several different systems. I would suggest returning it, I just formatted my old verbatim harddrive and set up mediaasharing. Through my router. You can actually route the lacie harddrive by going to my computer and right click the icon. Next go to share with; advanced settings and allow all. Then when you turn your ps3 on search for media servers... I would suggest to google media server for ps3 to get it all seet up. GOOD LUCK