Where i could search the manual for brother wp-760d processor.

Try Googling (brother)(wp-760d)(manual) without parens.

try this link

Www.ifixmachine.com has lots of manuals and parts for a cheaper price

Go to brother.com click on support you will find a manual there with pictures.


I thought I found the instruction manual for you on Brother's website, but instead of it being instructions it was the service manual. I had one of nifty typewriters in the early 90's that a friend gave to me, until my ex-boss decided to keep it after I left.

Hit the TW/WP key on the top row of the keyboard. TW/WP stands for typewriter/wordprocessor. This toggles between using the word processor manually (like a typewriter) and using the monitor to enter text and then automatically print it out (like a word processor on a computer). My guess is, you do not have the monitor that came with the word processor. I believe it will still work once you press the TW/WP button. Hope this helps.