2 wire modem

When i try to use the wireless internet it asks for a password and i did not setup a password what do i do?

Its not the10 digit number..its the 26 digit number..on the sticker if u turn the 2 wire modem upside down ..that the default encryption key..WEP u can also set a custom passphrase-->
#open the firmware of the modem..for eg.
#click home network at the top.
#go to wireless settinfs..
#change the authentication to WPA-PSK from WEP-OPEN
#choose the "use custom passphrase" instead of "default encryption key "
#put a key (atleast 10 characters)
#click save
#try connecting..
#it will now ask for a WPA-PSK key rather than WEP eky..
#punch in the key..
#click on connect
## done..

Look at the back of your two wire modem, you would find a 10 digit number that would be the default password, try it out, or else you need to login to your modem setup page to get the wireless settings, contact 2 wire they would help you to login and get the wireless settings

The first suggested solution is right. just look at the 10-digit on the bottom of your modem. that is the set of numbers which is enclosed with a parenthesis. type it as your wireless network password. if you want to customize the password, just do to the modem interface and include mdc at the end, for example, "gateway.2wire.net/mdc" using your computer browser. you will see a list of options at the left. got to local network>wireless> you will see here the list of things you can do about your wireless network including the customizing the password.hope it helps