Does not power up.

I dont think this is a technical problem!! We recently bought a second hand Aiwa but it has no Remote Control or User manual. Does anyone have a user manual for a stereo system Aiwa Z-L120 or know where to download a free one? I know you can set a universal remote control for tv, video and cd players but can they be set for a stereo system too? I need an Aiwa AV-X270 Receiver manual. Bought it off E-bay (dumb I know), and it does not power up. Need info on how to fix this problem.


You might try to find a reset button on the back of the unit. Also, the Aiwa website may have a "support" staff that can see if they have an archived manual or tell you which buttons to push. Also, check to see if the unit has a fuse in back. Finally, check a website called . It's a free deal where people exchange manuals and information.