Not boot from hard draive

MY COMPUTER SAYS no boot device available and strike F1 to retry boot F2 FOR SET UPUTLIT PRESSIE F5

Make sure all the connections to the Hard Drive are tight and secure. Then see if it will boot. If not then try loading a windows cd and see if it detects the Hard drive. If it does not the hard drive is no good if it does try running the automated system recovery you may have a corrupt MBR file.

Put the windows cd-rom in the cd-rom drive

it is hard drive or HDD is damaged or corrupted, i will advice you to buy and upgrade to a new one and then install back the OS, I mean that you need to install back the operating system. Firstly open up the system and remove the old and damaged HDD "hard drive" then put the new one in after you might have purchased, you can get a new HDD from just about any computer stores. After you have put in the new HDD, then reboot your system and put the opearating system CD into the CD drive to start the installation of the OS, follow the instructions carefully. But make sure you get the correct component for the CPU.

If this is difficult for you to do, kindly get a computer engineer or technician to help you out. Thanks

hi! i have a prob with my pc its an DELL GX OPTIPLEX 270. It doesn't work in the boot, it lunch me a message at the first screen (strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for utilities). I have try many solution but it doesn't work. So, plz if any one can help me to solve my pc.
i'm waiting for and thx.

Try remove the hard dirve and then fix it back. and if the system prompted you to strike F2 then go . In the bios setup. load the " setup bios default and press "F10" to save and exit. the computer will restart.

Normally that means you have one or more corrupt startup files you will need to try to boot from windows CD if you have one and try a repair install which will replace all windows files or if that dont work a complete format and reinstall the operating system.