After watching a film (2 hours 18mins) I switched off the unit as advised
the green light continually flashed for approx 1 minute,then stayed on.
The fan eventually stopped after approx 1 minute. EVERYTHING seemed
as before with no hint of the problem to come.

Approximately 2 hours after switching off the unit I attempted to switch the
projector back on to watch a DVD . I pushed the standby button on the top
of the projector but alas the green light went out . Devastation , shock , horror as much as i tried i was unable to switch the projector back on .I followed the guidelines for this situation as advised in the Infocus start up
guide, but all to no avail. I have tried changing the plug , fuse in the plug but I'm afraid the projector still does not power up.

I am hoping and praying that it is not a major problem to fix and also that it is not expensive . Must say the projector was a joy to watch , the quality of the picture suberb. Please,please help me .


Is switching out this power supply fuse a relatively easy thing to do? I am having the exact same issues, but not that savy as this kind of thing.

Hi jimmyfilms

This is simply a fuse located on the Powersupply Board that has gone and can easily and replaced by yourself.

Unscrew the screws at the bottom and on the sides and take off the top cover of the unit. Then replace the fuse situated on the Powersupply Board ( the one with the AC inlet on it )

Should do the trick !

Good luck and thanks for using Fixya !

Hi again Marrie ,

Sorry I did not mention the Power Supply Board part number
in my earlier mail.

The part number is 510-2112-00

Look forward to hearing from you again.

Very best regards,

I have same problems... where did you get part from?

Hello, I just wanted to drop a line to thank the AVS members who posted this thread and add my 2 cents. I too was victim to the sorry about your luck attitude of infocus when my projector suddenly stoped working. I did exactly as many of you have done and tore apart the unit (after my 3 different calls to IF). I found the 1A fuse blown after only 400 hours of total use. So no biggie. replaced it with a 1.5A fuse, and a fuse holder. Well, after about 3 hours... Dead again. So I read online that most failures are in the inverted position. (ceiling mount). I figure as many have heat must be the enemy. I removed the side infocus covers and carefully cut out the black plastic end panels. my temp gun reads 20 deg f less out put temp and the air flow is much stronger. Take 3...invite family and friends over, mid movie and zap. Nothing. So I replace the fuse with a 2.0A slow blow. This last a little longer. I get about 5 hours and zap again. So i figure i will just have to keep replacing the fuse on my 800 dollar paper weight. But the plot thickens... While upgrading my surround with a new hdmi switching receiver (onkyo 805) I discover I have a serious buzzing problem. The problem disappears when I unplug the hdmi to the projector. Having a background in pro audio I know that i have a ground loop issue. So i have 2 options. remove the sheild drain from the hdmi cable or remover the ground lug on the infocus. So I remove the ground lug terminal on the power wire of the projector and woohoo. no more buzz. And believe me I was very happy to have a low noise floor again. But I also solved the fuse popping issue as well by complete accident. As after I removed the ground lug I have never blow another fuse and now have close to 1200 hours on the projector. It also fixed some odd problems that I was having with coloration of the the lower right corner of the screen and a light flickering problem I was having. And FYI all my audio and video equipment runs through a monster power rack mount conditioner so I am fairly confident that the problems I was having weren't caused by "dirty power". during testing for the buzz I even removed the conditioner temporally to make sure it wasn't bad with no change. So I hope this helps someone out there in the same boat. Good luck! -Bill Infocus IN72 Projector.   NO POWER OR NOT POWERING - user_offline.gif