Hard disk not being detected

I hv a seagate 80GB ST381100 hard disk but whenever i connect it shoes unknown device and USB device not recognized....i have a celeron processor bt OS is windows Xp...is t the failt of the celeron processor...pls help soon

One posibility...check/w

This could be a driver issue or an external case issue,

most drivers are preloaded into the OS and are subject to normal wear,internet activity and software upgrades and new softwares should all require a level of understanding before fine tuning any compnents on a system,reason being if you tune the wrong things and in the wrong manner then you are inviting certain trouble,softwares have a tendancy to conflict with eachother at times,normally when you need it to work.lol.

I have come across the later ,the hard drive cases from He)).
I have seen 1 external drive case fail the drive 3 times and lost huge amounts of personal data,each time,
I had the drive extracted and that cost heaps more than the drive was worth,
so the supplier would honor the drives warrantee,yeah,
but not the contents we were trying to save them,whoopie.
I didn't really want to throw them in the bin,

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