No Cable TV

I had my cable set up earlier today and now it's not working, the next available day for them to come repair it is in 2 weeks, I don't get how any of the cable stuff works. I have internet through my cable and it works great, but I don't get anything on my tvs at all. could anyone help me with this please. i would very much so appreciate it

Normally the optical inputs are disabled unless specifically turned on. I dono't know your specific model. I'll research the model and update this with more specifics.

Try checking to see whether your input is set correctly. If you have composite cables connecting your cable box and television, make sure the input is either Comp1 or Comp2. Same thing if you're using HDMI.

This is due to either weak\no signal, or too many splitters. How many TVs do you have and how many cable boxes? I've had this happen where squirrels or other critters will walk across\chew the lines coming into the house and then rain will affect signal up to 90%. My internet would work but the TV would be off. Most likely it's a wiring issue, you may have to wait for your provider to visit.

I started back in the day of tubes. A family would have one set and it would be a 19" black and white. There are different resolutions now. The components probably do work, but, they don't pass the 480i signal. The satelite converter's analog signal needs to be set to 480p and the DVD needs to be set to progressive if it does have that setting. If the DVD is not a progressive scan DVD, then, the only inputs that it will show on is the analog signal. Some of the dish converters have a switch on the face for changing the resolution. If yours doesn't then put it in an analog source and go to the menu and change it there. Then move it to the component input. Hope this helps.

that is over 26,000 hours of on time. Since most of the modem don't come with a cooling device. the max on time for any given modem is 15,000 to 20,000 hours.
yes, it is time to change a modem.

It looks like all your devices by themselves are working fine.
Good start.
If you took the router out of your office I assume that the settings from the office and your home are different, which causes the setup not to work properly.

First of all you should find out which hardware version of the router you have and download the manual from here, so you have the information at hand when you're not online.

Then you want to rest the router to factory settings, so you start clean. In order to do so, use the Factory Default Reset button: First, turn off the router's power. Second, press and hold the default reset button then turn on the router's power, until the SYS LED lights up (about 3 seconds). Last, release the reset button and wait for the router to reboot.

Follow the instructions in the manual form page 8 on onwards with a special view on setting up PPPoE. Have your information form your DSL provider handy (Account name and password).
The default webpage for the router interface is
Username and password are both "admin".

Do not enable any wireless security until everything is working fine.

Make sure later to change the password to something else, so no one can "take over" your router.

If this solution did not help, please don't rate it as "Thanks for trying" or so, but leave a comment instead and I will check back and we can work form there.

Good luck!