Not receiving text messages

I often do not receive text messages that people send to me on my 8130. Last night, I sent someone 3 messages and they replied to all of them, but I didn't get a single message. This happens frequently with my phone. Anyone know what the trouble might be?

Download the new 4.5 os for the pearl. this will fix any issues having to do with deleted txt messages and call logs. get it from blackberry's website.

I have tried that and just about everything else--it actually DOES NOT work.  I have heard that this issue is a result of a "memory leak" in the BlackBerry OS, but that there is currently no solution.  Unfortunately I do not have a solution, but was wondering which service providers each of you use. Thanks!

Mine is doing the same thing
i just got my pearl two days ago, love it and have had no problems with it until now
i send somebody a text message and it will pop up for a split second and just go away

You are running out of memory, just free up your memory. You can do this by doing some or all of the following:

Pull out your battery and then put it back in. it works!!!!

Go to options/security options/firewall/then see if any of the options is checked,then uncheck them