Syncmaster 913v not optimum mode

Hi, when I start up my computer, the screen just provides a box saying "not optimum mode, recommended 1024 * 60 / 600" then the screen goes black.I cant get into my computer to change any settings whatsoever. My monitor is samsung syncmaster 913v. Any adive would be greatly appreciated :)

Most LCD monitors have and "Auto" button, usually next to the "Menu" button. Look along the bottom of the bezel.

Try pressing the auto button, usually finds the right setting for you until you can set up your PC options

I just resolved this problem for my SyncMaster 913N.
It seems to be a known issue, however it can take quite some time for the problem to occur. In my case about 3,5 years, so well out of warranty.

Short term solution: unplug your monitor from power. The switch on the front is not good enough. Pull the plug and leave it for an hour or so (all night if you can). Good chance the monitor will work next time you power it up.
The problem will is likely to come back..

Permant fix requires some basic soldering as per this video:

I just managed it and it has been ages since I soldered a resistor so you may very well be able to do it. I spent $25 on tool and part and saved me from buying a new monitor.